How to hardware tools enterprises to achieve five major development goals

Issuing time:2021-12-07 09:51

In recent years, hardware tool industry in our country the strong momentum of development, enterprise production and sales of hardware tools products not only to fully meet the needs of the domestic market, but also a large number of exports to the world. At present, more than 160 countries around the world have Chinese hardware products, influence of domestic hardware tools in the international market is becoming more and more large. In order to further improve the core competitiveness of domestic tools in the international market, the recent hardware tool industry has established a five year domestic tool development objectives for the next five years, with a view to industry companies in product development, standards development, market development and other aspects of active exploration, join hands and strive to make our country the successful transition from hardware production country to the hardware brand power. Mainly in the following 5 development goals:

1 for steady growth in the entire industry, based on the realization of 2015, total exports amounted to 10000000000 U. s.dollars goal. And the increase of attention to its own brand, requirements including independent brand exports to strive to reach 10% ~ 15%;

The 2 guide in the industry leading backbone enterprises, through equity allocation form resultant force, participate in international market competition. In this process, to the survival of the fittest is the law, the phasing out of high pollution, high energy consumption enterprises;

3 to encourage enterprises to introduce advanced management system, increase product research and innovation, has been declared or patents granted at least half to be put into use, to ensure that the funds for scientific research and innovation of not less than 50% of sales revenue, for engineering technology center set up one to two provincial or national level;

4 enterprises especially have a certain strength of the enterprise to grasp the quality management can be established, equipped with advanced professional testing instrument for quality supervision and routine laboratory;

5 good strong brand development work, expanding the visibility and influence of domestic hardware tool brand in the international market, the domestic hardware tool more permeable to high-grade hardware products in the market abroad.

To realize the hardware tools industry in the domestic five millennium development goals, needs each hardware tool enterprise positive action. Hardware tools factory store manager Zhao think, should actively explore new development way hardware tools enterprises, specific can make efforts in the following aspects:

1 increase the talent construction investment, the cultivation of talents with high technology. Outstanding talent to create high value-added products hardware tools, hardware enterprises want to improve the level of R & D must do well in the construction of talent team;

2 to improve the hardware tools product grade. To increase research and development of high-grade hardware tools products on the one hand, on the other hand, the need to guarantee the quality of products of the customs. At present, domestic and international market demand for high-grade hardware tools products have a large market share, the majority was foreign brands occupy the domestic hardware tools, hardware tools are very lack in products grade. This enterprise need to do two catch: increase the set up R & D centers and test center is equipped with. Hardware tools factory shop has done a survey, about half of the above hardware enterprise, has seen the seriousness of this problem, and the R & D center made a corresponding adjustment.

3 on the enterprise management model innovation. Learn the advanced management mode, improve the enterprise whole management level, reasonable formulation of enterprise's brand strategy, and efficient coordination of various departments everything in good order and well arranged the business implementation of brand strategy, in order to promote the enterprise's brand value, and strengthen the enterprise brand discourse power in the international market;

4 the enhancement enterprise's customer service level of service. Just sell out no sense to the long-term development of the business, after sale service level test of the comprehensive strength of a brand, behind the well-known brand will have a full range of customer service guarantee people trusted. But the domestic hardware tool enterprise customer service level of service the majority do not reach the designated position, hardware companies need to be aware of after sale service level is to enhance the market competitiveness of the brand an important magic weapon.

5 to the industry's leading enterprises study. Leading enterprises have considerable advantages in terms of economic strength, technology level, product innovation, talent construction, have a successful marketing strategy system worthy of other enterprises to study and reference. So should strengthen the exchanges with the industry leading enterprises, study the market their coping strategies and development trend of enterprise change etc..

In addition to the above five points, to avoid vicious competition within the industry, between the enterprise and the enterprise should strengthen exchanges and cooperation. The enterprise work together to make the hardware tools industry in the foundation to realize the five year plan targets, in the next 5~10 years, the birth of a number of annual output value of 1000000000 yuan level enterprises, there are 3~5 world famous brand of tools and a large number of domestic well-known brand to achieve tool, hardware tool industry development real.

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